Fresh Films’ new fun, physics-inspired sci-fi film for kids to premiere at White House Initiative’s event

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Fresh Films, known for its productions that put teens behind the camera on real Hollywood film sets thanks to SUBWAY® and Best Buy, is debuting its newest feature film in the nation’s capital.

“Traveling Without Moving,” will tell the story of three teens on a mission to find their missing parents in another world! Steve Guttenberg (“Lavalantula”, “3 Men and a Baby”, “Cocoon”, “Police Academy”, “Diner,” etc.) and Harry Lennix (“The Blacklist”, “Man of Steel”, “Chiraq”) star in the film, with Congressman Bill Foster (the only physicist in Congress) making a cam


But “Traveling Without Moving” is unlike any other celebrity-filled Hollywood production. With hundreds of teens in its production credits, and its entertaining story line designed to create excitement about science, the film is a sci-fi thriller that inspires kids’ curiosity in the world around them.

Because of its revolutionary approach to inspiring kids, “Traveling Without Moving” will premiere on Sept. 28, 2016 at the Landmark E Street Cinema as part of The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans (Initiative) Film Screening and Discussion Series (#AfAmEdFilms). The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans (Initiative) Film Screening and Discussion Series (#AfAmEdFilms) screens films that depict positive and compelling stories of students, families, and communities striving for academic excellence. Read More

Meet the TWOM Cast: Featuring Zachary Keller

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School projectIn the film Traveling Without Moving, Zack plays the character Wheels, a curious, energetic, and adventurous individual captivated by science, learning, and the introverted yet beautiful girl in his physics class: Mickey. He tags along with Mickey and the gang for a joy ride and finds himself caught up in the middle of a conflict larger than he could have ever imagined. Because of his vast knowledge in science, he adds a lot to the already dynamic group. Read More

Congressman Cameo Brings Science to TWOM

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220px-Bill_Foster,_Official_Portrait,_113th_CongressRepresenting the 11th District of Illinois, which is home to Aurora University, where the movie was filmed, Bill Foster is the only physicist in Congress. Before his political career, Foster was a particle accelerator designer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). There he was a member of the team that discovered the top quark, the heaviest known form of matter. Read More

Meet the Film Crew: Featuring Megan Swanson

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Megan, Assoc ProducerMegan was the associate producer for Traveling Without Moving. In addition to performing the usual roles of associate producer, Megan was also tasked with running the Fresh Films program on site. This meant that her job entailed organizing and providing for both the crew staff and the teen filmmakers.

“Fresh Films will always be special to me because it’s where my career and passion began,” Megan says. She became an alumni of Fresh Films in 2009 and continued to be a part of the program in the following years, first as an intern and then filling a staff position. Read More

Harry Lennix Cameos in Traveling Without Moving

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harry photoHarry Lennix, who stars as FBI head Harold Cooper on The Blacklist, will be making a cameo in Traveling Without Moving! He has appeared in Man of Steel and Spike Lee’s recent film Chi-raq, and you can currently see him in the film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice!

He is also an internationally renowned Shakespearean scholar, and has his own production company, Exponent Media. Harry, who worked as a music teacher in Chicago before his career as an actor, will be playing the role of a high school principal. When asked to comment on the Fresh Films program, he stated, “Your project sounds absolutely great! Especially to a former school teacher like me.”

Fresh Films and SUBWAY(r) Thank Teachers

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apple-heart-healthWe couldn’t do our work properly without the support of teachers. Many of the teens who apply to our program did so because of the encouragement of one of their teachers. And it’s because of educators that instill a love for learning about science, art, and career skills that there are so many talented and enthusiastic filmmakers to begin with! Read More

Meet the TWOM Cast: Featuring Daniel Cantor

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The joy of being indexedIn the film Traveling Without Moving, Daniel plays Fitz Frothingham, Mickey’s arrogant and frustrated physics teacher. Tempted by the glory that would come with the scientific breakthrough of the machine that Mickey plans to build, however, he agrees to help her complete the project and gets sucked into her adventures in other universes while learning to be a more caring person along the way. Read More