Fresh Films and SUBWAY(r) Thank Teachers

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apple-heart-healthWe couldn’t do our work properly without the support of teachers. Many of the teens who apply to our program did so because of the encouragement of one of their teachers. And it’s because of educators that instill a love for learning about science, art, and career skills that there are so many talented and enthusiastic filmmakers to begin with!

Similar to last year, we’ll be offering tech grants to teachers to use for their classrooms. In addition, this year we’re also offering the opportunity to have the teacher’s lounge catered for a day.

Share with a teacher you know so they can take advantage of these amazing opportunities and post this to social media so that others can share with their teachers too!

Tech Grants for Classrooms

We’re offering $300 technology grants to 40 teachers to upgrade their classroom with. Teachers can apply by telling us why their classroom deserves a tech grant and what they would use it for. We’ll be providing the grants in both the spring and the fall. Get your application in by May 1st for the Spring Tech Grants.

Teachers can apply here.

Subway Catered Lunches

This spring, we’re providing select schools around the country with a catered lunch of Subway sandwiches for the teaching staff. We’ll contact the school and set things up to cater the teacher’s lounge for a day. Teachers who are interested can email us at  

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